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The online dating industry has a specific SIC code, is grouped under “All Other Personal Services” in NAICS.

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For example, only 25 percent of high school graduates use an online dating service, and only 18 percent know someone who found a suitable companion on an online dating site.

Online dating sites: Online dating sites offer different levels of service to address the needs of casual browsers and committed searchers.

A 2015 study by Pew Research Center found 15 percent of Americans have used online dating, 41 percent know someone who uses online dating, and 29 percent know someone whose online dating experience culminated in marriage or a long-term partnership.

Research associates interviewed 2,001 adults, 18 years of age or older, living in all 50 U. states between June 10, 2015 and July 12, 2015, among a national sample and the District of Columbia.

Some offer free and premium levels of service, while others provide different levels of subscriptions.

Subscription rates can range between and 0 per month, depending on level of service.

Modern relationships are complex and multifaceted, and so are we.

Ashley Madison is the world’s most open-minded and discreet dating community.

Some apps leverage Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to alert users when prospective partners are in proximity.

Others use Bluetooth technology to help users find each other in bars and nightclubs.

Match Group’s extended family of online dating apps includes Ok Cupid, Tinder and


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