Russell simmons dating cynthia bailey

She admitted to not being on any dating apps, but Bailey said she was up for the challenge.

Russell simmons dating cynthia bailey

Just ask Russell Simmons and former basketball player Jayson Williams. THOMAS: My dad got really ill so I came to Atlanta.

Accomplished in his own right, Thomas says he understands Bailey's reservations. THOMAS: I'm Jamaican-born, Brooklyn-raised, lived in Miami, had seven or eight nightclubs in South Beach for the past 20 years. I was looking for a vehicle and a friend of Cynthia's told me she had a car and I got on the phone with her to start negotiating.

She's an independent person and I love that about her.

She likes to know that she has her own and I understand why because of her mom.

THOMAS: I was with Russell Simmons last week and he was like, 'I hate that beard, cut it off' and I was like, 'dude, my wife loves it.' Some people tell me I look 35 when I cut my beard. Catch "Real Housewives of Atlanta" tonight at 10 pm on Bravo, and be sure to join us as we live tweet the show.

It’s no secret that Cynthia Bailey’s love life has hit the brakes. What did you really think of Phaedra's comments about wanting a "clean" man?

THOMAS: Phaedra is like 36, 37 years old and word around town is she's dated a couple of rappers she represented, so when she says "clean" she probably means someone that doesn't have baggage so she doesn't have to deal with mothers from previous relationships.

Russell Simmons may have been known as a PERVERT but this is completely on a higher level.

Cynthia reportedly dumped him years back because she claimed he was a 'cheat' who changes model girlfriends each week even while they were together.

The nightclub impresario spoke with about meeting his wife some 18 years ago, dating famous women (Nia Long?

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