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But now that rainbow is gone.’She added: ‘I’m single and I have been single so the speculations can stop. Serena has a Bentley Continental Supersport and loves her jewellery — she’s sported a £32,000 Audemars Piguet gem-encrusted watch and a glitzy diamond ring that induced a ‘bling blister’ when she wore it throughout the 2013 French Open.‘Aaaaahh-ya!

’ One area where Maria Sharapova reigns supreme is in the modern phenomenon of on-court grunting.

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Her distinctive sound — which she says she has made while playing since the age of four — has been memorably described as a ‘climactic shriek of the blue movie variety’.

The noise, made when she hits every stroke, can reach 101 decibels, the equivalent of an aeroplane landing.

It’s an awkward situation given that the two women spend 20 weeks a year in close proximity on the tennis tour — all the while ignoring each other, or throwing out coded barbs. You can, however, shop the current Alexander Mc Queen collection online by clicking right, or emulate Maria's look from the high street in our affordable edit below ranging from Rare, Asos, Lipsy and more.

They first played each other in 2004 in Miami — when Williams won.

They’re both great, maybe intimidating if you’re on the wrong end of their play on court, but sweet as pie off it.’Sharapova had an early romance with tennis lothario Andy Roddick.

She then had a two-year liaison with basketball player Sasha Vujacic, to whom she became engaged, before they split up, citing the pressures of their respective schedules. Drake told a magazine he really loved and cared for her, but was promptly spotted out with model Dollicia Bryan, and then with singer Rihanna.

However, that was the year Sharapova went on to beat Williams and win Wimbledon.

Since then she has only beaten her on one other occasion.

'When I was a teenager, I battled some severe depression,' the beauty told her therapist Dr. The Playboy cover girl then added, 'I attempted suicide a couple times. drugs, overdosing, slitting wrists, all that stuff.' The therapist told the star she may have not found 'safety and protection' at home.

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