Bungie service record not updating

Q: WTF I only had a picture of Hitler Pikachu in my File Share that I'd renamed something hilarious to share with my friends and I saw these other guys had pictures of women doing unnamable things to each other. A: It's wholly subjective to dictate what is and isn't offensive. A: Sure, we realize that not everyone tunes in on Friday to read the Weekly Update and folks probably don't read the entire Terms of Service for Xbox Live, but that ignorance isn't met with sympathy.

As a result, there is no subjectivity in assessing how files are treated. The issue of File Share abuse is a pretty serious one and we will continue to police it incredibly aggressively.

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In fewer cases, there have been a relatively small number of incidents of folks uploading inappropriate non-game content to the File Share.

Fair warning: Users who have modified content on their File Share - regardless of who created said content - will be subjected to the full power of the Banhammer's thrust. Last month we warned users here at that putting modified content in their File Shares would have disaster-filled repercussions on your Halo 3 Online Experience.

Before I break down how things are changing here's what is NOT changing: However, at the Playlist level, things are changing noticeably.

While your total experience will still continue to climb in your Service Record, when AU2 goes live, we are enabling individual Experience ratings in each playlist.

Recently, we've seen a moderate influx of things appearing in File Shares that don't belong there.

Some this is just tweaked content from Halo 3 that has been uploaded in sundry and illegal fashions.

Simply renaming the content is not going to shift the onus of ownership from you to say, Shishka - the system is smarter than that.

Authors of uploaded modified content received the following prizes: By definition, this is downloading modified content and then putting it in your File Share for others to download.

In custom games, the Rating on a player's Service Record will be the icon that other players see. If you're a 44 in Ranked Team Slayer, you'll still be a 44 and your 44 will still display.

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