Yoona dating

The article continued to provide groundless claim on their alleged relationship, further stating they have used the reason of music video filming in Prague, and had went there to witness first snow together.

However, despite all the claims, there was not any proof or photo to confirm the rumor.

After being spotted going on a date and after SM Entertainment’s confirmation of their relationship, fans from both sides were shocked and many felt hurt because of the Instagram posts the fans thought were addressed to them may have been secret coded messages addressed to each other instead.

They look really adorable together and to us, totally fit the image of the title Rumours of Jung Kyung Ho and Sooyoung dating made headlines way before the official announcement was made 2 days after Yoona was revealed to be dating.

Like all Korean celebrities, they denied it until they were spotted at a Christmas Eve party at Sooyoung’s house.

Although the idols were trying very hard to not be seen or draw attention to themselves, witnesses noticed their affection for each other.

After which, their respective agencies confirmed that they were a couple.

Finally, SM Entertainment confirmed it by saying, “The dating rumors are true.

While they were close as The two were spotted having a lovely date at an Asian fusion restaurant in March 2014.

On July 5, a Weibo account released an article spreading dating rumor between Yoona and Chinese actor-singer, Li Yifeng.

The article pointed out that fans have spotted Yoona staying in the same hotel as the singer before he had his fan meeting in Guangzhou on July 2.

I think its great that those two people are dating and we should give them our support and understanding.


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