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He said it makes you feel better even if it doesn't do anything. JD said he's going to do his best to not let anything touch him. He said now we don't have to camp so we don't have to deal with that stuff. Howard said when you're in the Grand Canyon you have to shit and put it in a can. JD said he doesn't plan on eating very much over the weekend. Robin asked if they had to cover the latrine when they were done with it.

He said you have to lay the floor or you'll get spiders and shit on you. He said then you sit on the log and shit in mid air.

Howard asked if JD is planning on shitting outside. Howard said you lash a log to a tree and then another log to a tree and you dig a hole. Howard said he has a friend who camps and he's like Rambo.

Howard said they fired their drummer on the second album. JD said it had to be at least 4 or 5 days they didn't know. JD said he needs that cream from Silence of the Lambs. JD said they'd put it under their nose so they didn't smell it.

Howard said the guy wasn't keeping up so they fired him. He said the building he was living in was smelling really bad and it turns out someone died in the building. He said on a Thursday it was smelling bad on the outside. Howard said now they know to call the authorities when they smell something. Howard said he needs that for when he takes a dump.

Howard said you wake up in the morning to make sure you haven't been bitten. He said he wants to have it just in case something goes wrong. Howard said Jeremy Renner is coming in to talk about his film. Howard said he figured the other kids would hate him if his mother did that. Howard did more of his mother talking about him and how he has an accident in his underpants. He said he just wanted to wear jeans and sneakers to school and his mother didn't let him. Howard asked Robin if she would bang Vladimir Putin or Lenny Dykstra. Robin said a new head of the FBI has been appointed. Robin read about an i Phone case that's been recalled.

JD said there was that movie where the guy had to cut off his own arm to get out. Howard had her talking about the holocaust with the boys too. JD said they are probably going to do that there in the city. Howard said these Japanese people would come by and stand in front of him. He said that he was wondering what the fuck that shit was. Robin said we should learn from our past that when you try to stop people from getting something they get it anyway.

Howard said he will go to the Grand Canyon with nothing but a knife. Robin said she thinks being able to build a house is awesome. JD said there is something called Glamping that he'd like to do. Howard said he can't think of a worse torture than doing that in a pool. Howard took a call from a guy who said JD has no idea what he's getting into. Howard asked Gary if he's right about the pay thing. He said there's a show he wanted to see on there but he's not going to pay for it. Gary said he has like 27 5.99 a months he's paying. Howard said he likes getting advertisers and putting that shit on TV. Robin had a band playing the Star Trek theme and Fred played Gary playing trumpet over that.

Howard said just go to a shitty motel and call that camping. He said she didn't want to get her hair wet for some reason. Robin said it was delayed by 9 months and the producer said they had to make sure it was spectacular for this pay service. Fred played Sour Shoes saying ''Noine'' while Gary was naming the services.

He said she came on the show years ago and did some bits for them. He said he was having a hard time putting sentences together. Howard said he'd never be a musician if his dad was George Harrison. Robin said most parents think their kids are doing just fine.


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