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Having perfected the Uroboros Virus, he plans to infect the global population with it, leaving only the chosen ones, such as himself, to create a new world.In his ending, Wesker captures many of the heroes who were fighting Galactus and uses them as test subjects for his Uroboros project.

One week later, Wolverine had just defeated his arch foe, Sabretooth, in Doom's universe; while Ryu had finished training with his best friend, Ken, in Wesker's universe.

All of a sudden, they both felt an earthquake in their respective universes and came across each other in a surprise.

She began a journey to restore beauty to Nippon while regaining her powers.

She looks like an ordinary wolf to the average person.

While best known for his dauntless courage in the face of terrifying monsters and life-threatening traps, he also enjoys wearing strawberry-print boxer shorts.

Though he looks like an old man, he's really only 28 years old.

If the villains won, the two universes would be merged and conquered.

If the Heroes and Anti-Heroes won, both universes would again remain seperate.

Doctor Doom was recently working on a way to conquer the world..suddenly, he reached a contact with Albert Wesker from a different universe.


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  3. What binds all of them together is their desire to meet new and like-minded people, talk to them, start relationships with them, and possible meet their life partners along the way.

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