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That's what I live for, to write, to help people and to motivate them."The former Celebrity Big Brother runner-up added that his music career was yet to reach its peak and told fans to "watch this space."Dappy's album is set for release in the next six months, date to be announced. That is the quick answer to whatever happened to N Dubz – and their lives have been anything but quiet since.

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It'a going to be some Ri Ri, Jay-Z, Kanye, 'wow they're back on some power' [stuff].

He said the lyrics would be inspired by some of the hardships the group's members had faced over the last couple of years, and so were grittier and more mature than ever before.

At one point there were three or four armed policemen standing at the door with one of them shouting instructions through the open door.

One went in with two backing him up and one on the driveway was crouching behind a car.” Dappy remains in custody.

"I like to write things that help people get them through life.

People come up to me daily and say that lyric pulled me through."Some people come and drop tears [gangsta for 'cry']…But in an exclusive chat with Daily Star Online, the 29-year-old explained that the similar timings weren't intentional and confirmed that he'd stand by his cousin through thick and thin. If she decides that's the song she's gonna go for and the type of music she's gonna do then I'm gonna back her 150%," he said."I don't think there's solo rivalry between us, it's a simple coincidence that she was a releasing a song at that period of time when I was releasing a song."He also dropped that bombshell that an N-Dubz reunion of epic proportions was in the works and that he already had new material up his sleeve."The group is not over, don't worry.I've been writing, I've got an album there waiting for us to sing," he continued."It's gonna be very adult, the lyrics are gonna be very honest and it's not gonna be how we were back in the day when we would argue on tracks," he went on."We're gonna touch a lot of souls and a lot of hearts.It's coming."Ultimately Dappy said he wanted his music to provide listeners with a pick-me-up during difficult times.Viewers were shocked, and some even mistook his vocals for Ed Sheeran! " Ruth agreed, saying: "That was lovely, and I'd never have guessed that was you!

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