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It's crazy." By February 2017, planning began for a true four-way series crossover.

Because each series was renewed for an additional season, the producers could plan production schedules to incorporate the crossover.

Español Version 1.0 Dragon Ball Super Capitulo 77 Sub Español – La sinopsis oficial del capítulo 77 de Dragon Ball Super, nos narra que Goku y Wiss están entrenando y de pronto Goku recuerda que el dios de todos los dioses, quería organizar un torneo universal.

Goku se preocupa porque piensa que Zeno Sama se ha olvidado de realizar el torneo de los 12 universos.

Encontrarás otro modo de vivir, que te ha estado buscando. Reconoce que es tu vida la que ahora está siendo observada.

Mientras planeas en tu viaje con el viento a tu alrededor, que sonrían tus labios, y digan: eres libre, sí, lo soy.

Ven a ver la victoria en una tierra llamada Fantasía.

Ven a ver la victoria en una tierra llamada Fantasía. Mientras permaneces en el juego, la fantasía estará guardada para tí. On Earth-1, Barry Allen and Iris West's friends, including Kara Danvers and her adoptive sister Alex from Earth-38, come to Central City for Allen and West's wedding. Overgirl is dying from too much solar radiation in her heart, and Dark Arrow plans to use the Prism, powered by S. Thawne prepares to operate on both Overgirl and Kara, and Iris and Felicity work to rescue their friends at S. The heroes struggle against both the Freedom Fighters' Red Tornado, deployed by Schott as a failsafe, and the Nazi forces, and the gateway's portal is opened at the cost of Martin being mortally wounded.Harry Wells, Cisco Ramon, and Caitlin Snow develop a serum to separate the Firestorm matrix from Martin Stein and Jefferson Jackson. The heroes make it back to Earth-1, and Iris, Felicity, Kara, and the others are rescued by the returned heroes and the Waverider crew.However, Jefferson is reluctant to give up being Firestorm. Jefferson is also affected by Martin's injury, so Martin uses the serum to separate the Firestorm matrix and dies from his wounds.Oliver Queen re-proposes to Felicity Smoak, but she is not ready to marry him. Labs, Prometheus reveals himself as Tommy Merlyn's Earth-X doppelgänger, then commits suicide by cyanide pill out of loyalty to the Nazi regime after taunting Oliver. Oliver, Barry, Sara, Martin, Jefferson, and Alex are abducted to a concentration camp on Earth-X, while Kara is moved to S. His death spurs Oliver to declare war on Earth-X's Nazi forces.In a parallel world, Earth-X, a Nazi regime rules the planet, where an archer known as Dark Arrow is the Führer. Labs' particle accelerator, to create artificial red sunlight that can weaken both Karas' invulnerability, allowing a heart transplant from Kara to Overgirl. While posing as Dark Arrow, Oliver discovers the Nazis' doomsday device, a timeship called Wellenreiter, a militarized equivalent of the Legends' Waverider.

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