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It’s new and pretty & all your old friends are there and ready for you to come play! (As soon as I figure out how to do that…) Plus you have one more day to enter our giveaway for a t-shirt from our LTT_LTR store! And I must admit it might be the best one we’ve done. Episode 5 – Robert Pack-it-in-your-son Part 1 (right click save as) So there you have it! Then you have to send us your questions, news topics for discussion, haiku’s to read, poetry and applications for the boys’ hearts! EMAIL your questions to our special podcast email and hopefully your question will be featured on the next LTT podcast! Themoonisdown PS If your name is NOT UC than PLEASE please read this post for a special announcement! Kinda like when Robert Pattinson walks down the street.

The newlyweds are already proud parents to son Monroe, who was born in July of last year.

At the time, the actor took to Twitter to share the good news and thank his adoring fans for all of their kind words."Thank you ALL for the love & support!

On September 18, 2014, Rathbone was on board Jet Blue Flight 1416 en-route from Long Beach, California to Austin, Texas when its engine exploded.

The plane returned to Long Beach and performed an emergency landing with all passengers surviving and four injuries. He has shown support for the organization in several ways, including donating a signed Twilight script for auction, visiting a Little Kids Rock classroom, and delivering instruments to students.

Sheila & I couldn't be happier to have such a beautiful, healthy baby boy, Monroe Jackson Rathbone VI," he tweeted."Feeling so blessed! Love and respect, Bone Daddy.""I did something I never thought I would ever do," he told E! "I sent a picture over on Twitter of my son's unborn penis.

and we love it, but we’re dumbfounded why people still think they can find new letters to you here. Now let’s help the 5,000 plus people who still stop here daily to find new letters to you! You can see read LTT In your reader: Just update your RSS Feed to letterstotwilight.com/feed You can still visit us during the work day: Update your bookmarks to Part 1 of the whole podcasting family together at last. Our site is brand new, and we LOVE it and hope you do too:) GET OVER THERE & enter our giveaway! All our voices together at last discussing all the latest in the Twi-world, it’s like a chorus of angels singing. Update your RSS Feed to letterstotwilight.com/feed Update your bookmarks to And since this is a blog and all I thought let’s do it interwebs style and have people send in fan sign pics for you! ) Thanks to all our readers who contributed and for all the fun, cute and downright hilarious pictures you sent in! We FINALLY joined the 21st century, figured out technology and Both UC and I AND The Font and White Yorkie are together at last on Episode 5 of the podcast.He had been playing a show with his former band, 100 Monkeys, when he saw her working at the venue next door.RELATED: My Wedding, My Way “It was one of those things.Rathbone is an honorary board member for Little Kids Rock, a national nonprofit that works to restore and revitalize music education in disadvantaged U.


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