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It promises equal doses of sweet and funny devoid of any depth and an ending that should be fulfilling but isn’t.

The stylized version of California we see through Rosalee’s eyes is a biting commentary on how superficial the west coast can seem (or be) to an outsider.

There is one wonderful montage where we see a night in the lives of Tad and Pete, both lonely but the latter more fun than the former.

The film needed much more of this and less of Josh Duhamel’s alluring gazes.

The Gag Reel isn’t very funny but it will make you see Duhamel in a whole new light.

Movie star Tad Hamilton has a bad-boy image he needs to clean up.

Pete, Rosalee's best friend that works with her, is actu Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!

may look like some book from the 90's with some random plot that no one this decade will want to read, but that's not it at all.

Win a Date is about Rosalee Futch, a girl who loves Tad Hamilton movies.

Tad Hamilton is an actor that wants to get a good reputation and set his priorities straight.

But Tad enjoys his taste of the real world so much he decides to move to West Virginia to be near Rosalee, much to the chagrin of her best friend and coworker, Pete.

Now Rosalee has to choose between the movie star who can offer her a life of Hollywood glamour and the best friend who's been deeply, hopelessly in love with her since sixth grade. may look like some book from the 90's with some random plot that no one this decade will want to read, but that's not it at all.

She isn’t coy, she doesn’t play any mind games and sometimes she acts a little (what’s the word? The drama in this comedy arises after Rosalee and Tad’s win-a-date is over.


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