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Kanye West storms the stage to steal it from her to give to Beyoncé instead.

It's fair to say that a lot of people know about Taylor Swift's relationship history, in great detail.

So where Joe and Tay met isn't 100% clear, which makes the start date to this timeline a tad tricky but, bear with us. I know what you're thinking, this link may seem tenuous given that the whole of Hollywood goes BUT Swift's new song 'Dress' - where she sings: 'Flashback to when you met me/ Your buzz cut/ And my hair bleached' -has provided some fans with the theory that the 2016 event could be significant. However, this Met Gala is also seemingly full of Taylor-related events as a video of her and (soon to be boyfriend) Tom Hiddleston having a dance-off to Beyonce's does the rounds on the internet.

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August 2009: Things continue to be friendly and mutually flattering between the two in the months following, judging from a glowing social media exchange in which Perry made plans to catch up with Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards after the latter tweeted a photo at her.

September 2009: During the VMAs, Perry takes Swift’s side in a tweet after Kanye West jumps onto the stage and commandeers her “Best Female Video” acceptance speech with his now infamous lines, “Yo, Taylor, I’m really happy for you and Imma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time. ” October 2009: Swift tweets about Perry’s epic birthday party (which she attended), adding an affectionate “Happy bday, pretty girl!! and while the bulk of the songs center around her love life, her song “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” includes a closing lyric that could reference Perry’s vocal address of their longtime association.

If the headlines of the past decade are any indication, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift might be the pop music feud of this generation.

While the pair were once friends (at least, according to their exuberant social media exchanges), in recent years, there has been much in the way of coded lyrics and veiled comments.

She was offered a development record deal so her parents ‘gave in’ and moved the family there, she told she co-wrote during her after-school job at Sony Music.

The song reaches the Billboard 100 and makes the top 10 of the country music charts.Pictures in the show the couple wearing hoodies and keeping their eyes to the ground as they leave the singer's New York City apartment.Taylor is back with new music and everyone is freaking out trying to guess who and what all the songs are about. ' has fans divided over whether it's about Joe or her former love interest Harry Styles. according to , Taylor reportedly likes a Tumblr post breaking down the lyrics, with all signs pointing to them being about Joe.The only thing we really know about Joe is that he's a 26-year-old British actor and model, best known for playing the lead role in curious.So, as always, we're here to help by providing a history of the couple...The two are seen enjoying coffee on a balcony in Nashville, Tennessee and Taylor is smiling. It's reported that Joe is there to meet the parents. As well as this, reports that Taylor is house-hunting in London - the city where none other than bloomin' Joe lives - also do the rounds.

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