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Brookwood neighbors in south Raleigh joke about what they call "No Mail Mondays." There's tremendous population growth across the Triangle, more online ordering than ever, and the Postal Service is facing staffing and funding challenges, making it hard for postal carriers to keep up.

That motto linked to postal persistence: “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night” doesn't exactly deliver for frustrated Triangle mail customers.

Whereas older women may have established careers and dedicated support systems, younger women with breast cancer often have to "put all that on hold" to deal with their disease, she said.

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"We know what neighborhoods would really benefit from the marketplace." Special efforts have been made, she said, to host open enrollment programming at health centers, libraries and aldermanic offices.

Though experts say it's not immediately clear how much of an effect changes to the open enrollment period might have on the progress made against breast cancer in Chicago, there is reason to be hopeful, many agreed.

Complaints include misplaced packages, days without delivery and important mail arriving days late.

The problem started well before the busy holiday shipping season, but some say it seems to be getting worse.

“Just recently, we only get our mail three days a week,” Phearsdorf said.

“There have been several times where I've had to contact my landlord and say the rent check isn't going to arrive on time because the mail truck never came,” Frownfelter said.From 1989 to 2015, the study's authors said, overall breast cancer death rates fell by 39 percent, something they attribute to advances in treatment and early disease detection.— For weeks now, mail delivery complaints have flooded into WRAL’s 5 On Your Side from across the Triangle.Ninety percent of the federal budget for promoting and raising awareness for open enrollment has been cut, Morita said, and this year's health insurance sign-up deadline comes on Dec.15, weeks ahead of prior years."We're trying to be strategic," Morita said.Less than 10 percent of Chicago residents are uninsured — "a record low," Morita said.

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