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That was so hot but so was Chloe’s still active fantasy of more fun with Alyssa, including letting her lesbian crush be the first one to take her ass. She didn’t want to make Ava jealous or have her stop licking and rubbing her naughty little asshole as her blonde friend made her quiver with desire. God, Chloe couldn’t believe this was happening but it all felt so good and she never wanted this pleasure to end. She had completely lost track of how many times she had come and all she wanted was to come again and again until she passed out from it and then have someone licked her even more while she was conked out so she could have hot wet drams about girl fucking. They all loved to play with Maria and have fun with her before she would interview them.

Neither did Maria and the nude reporter, who had eagerly offered herself up to these beautiful young women, made sure Chloe didn’t forget about her. ” Maria demanded, pressing her hand down on the back of Chloe’s blonde hair and mashing her pussy against the teenager’s face. Under ordinary circumstances, Maria would have been hesitant to be so naughty with young women like Chloe, Bella and Ava. But Jennifer had never ever seen Maria act like this and the idea of Maria making these young sluts whore themselves out to her so she’d help them become stars turned Jennifer on.

Jennifer was so turned by how hot it would be for her to fuck them all, those three young sluts eagerly doing whatever she said as she spanked and teased and touched and fucked their gorgeous bodies.

Staring at them going at each other filled Jennifer with wicked visions of the three young women.

She wanted to teach everything she knew to those eager little sluts and train them in how to eat pussy and fuck hot girls.

Jennifer wanted to mentor and guide them and, of course, drag her tongue all over their hot, young bodies.

Yes it’s time to journey back into the depths of depravity in Malibu as the orgy rages on and sexual madness rages with it.

I don’t even want to think about when the last time was that I updated this story but, where did we leave off?

It’s peak perversity and we’re jumping right back into the action. Second, and this is even more critical, this is a XXX rated fantasy story. She’s the best and I’m still doing this because of her. It had been amazing to witness something so raw and primal, but now, as she staggered nakedly around the mansion, Jennifer couldn’t help but feel in the back of her mind that something was wrong. Even though she had already come so many times already that she could feel the wonderfully tingly soreness with every step she took, Jennifer still wanted more.

There were beautiful naked bodies around her getting nasty and sweaty and slutty and seeing all her friends kiss and lick and fuck was making Jennifer drool with need and desire. Jennifer was wet for all of them and it was so hard for her to think about anything but how delicious all those tits and all those asses and, most importantly, all those pussies were.

With so many women committing so many dirty deeds of course thanks to some spiked punch at Jennifer Love Hewitt’s seemingly wholesome Christmas party. This is a story I have literally spent three years of my life working on.

It wasn’t meant to be this way of course but Jennifer Aniston added some herbal enhancement to the punch not knowing Christina Aguilera would dump in some vodka and unintentionally create quite a devil’s brew. It uses real people and refers to real events but it is FICTION. I have poured endless hours into this story so if you like it or have suggestions or requests or if you have anything to say at all please e-mail me at [email protected] I would not have been able to do this story without the unflagging support of people like Cosmo Kramer, TRL, the Butch man himself, Rule Hater, voodoojoe, Kay Jay and all the fans out there who have not given up on me even though I literally take years between stories.

Jennifer liked knowing she was probably old enough to be their mothers and she found herself wanting to give their beautiful, firm bodies some special discipline from “mommy.” But it wasn’t just their sexy bodies that she wanted. Jennifer knew every bit of the reporter’s gorgeous body and she wanted to show Chloe a thing or two by turning Maria over so she could bury her face in Maria’s beautifully thick butt cheeks and really go after her hot fuck holes. Mmmm she can’t keep her panties on around a hot girl! ” “Yesssssssssssss ughhhh fuckkkkkk my sister is so goddamn hot! She knew something was strange about all of this and Jennifer felt like she knew why, but how could she focus on anything when everything else was so sexy and so distracting? Every time she moved she felt how sore her pussy and ass were from being fucked repeatedly.


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