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They are thought to have developed during the twelfth century from divination implements or as a derivative of chess.

Cards are produced by the modern printing processes of lithography, photolithography, or gravure.

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The TV personality, who found fame while dating the former Pop Idol judge for six years, shared some adorable snaps with her male model partner - who at 27 is 13 years her junior - as they picked up their bundle of joy's all important travel documents.

This paper reviews the current archaeological and palaeo-environmental evidence from the Younger Dryas period on the Northwest Coast of North America.

The earliest of these are in Haida Gwaii, where bear hunting is dated to at least 12,650 cal BP, during the heart of the Younger Dryas interval.

Other sites in southeast Alaska and in the Fraser River lowlands date to around 12,100 cal BP. 13,000 cal BP Clovis surface collections, and the emerging data from the pre-Clovis Ayer Pond bison butchery site, suggest pre-Younger Dryas occupation.

Evidence suggests that they first arrived in Italy or Spain and were quickly spread throughout the continent.

Some of these early playing cards were very similar to our modern day cards.Despite patchy and dynamic marine and terrestrial environments, these results suggest a challenging, yet viable environment for humans.Archaeological evidence for Younger Dryas human occupation is currently limited to six sites, of which four are associated with karst caves.Cheaper products were also produced, but it is likely that they deteriorated quickly with use.With the advent of new printing processes, production volumes of playing cards were increased.Some historians believe that cards were developed in India and derived from the game of chess.


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