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Customer to Customer marketing has become more popular recently with the advent of the internet.

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After the C2C site sets up the system in which bids could be placed, items can be put up for sale, transactions can be completed, seller fees are charged, and feedback can be left, while the C2C site stays in the background.

For example, at the end of an auction, the C2C site notifies the buyer via e-mail that he or she has won.

Customer to customer (C2C) markets provide an innovative way to allow customers to interact with each other.

Traditional markets require business to customer relationships, in which a customer goes to the business in order to purchase a product or service.

The investment into concepting and developing a top of the line product or service that consumers are actively looking for is equitable to a retail pre-launch product awareness marketing.

There are many different classifications of marketing.The C2C site also e-mails the seller to report who won and at what price the auction finished.At that point it's up to the seller and buyer to finish the transaction independently of the C2C site. Although it's free to shop and place bids, sellers place fees to list items for sale, add on promotional features, and successfully complete transactions. Premonitions told her it was going to happen, but no one believed her.Stephanie Arnold joins Dave Schrader (email) to discuss what she saw when she flat-lined for 37 seconds, and the knowledge she brought back from her near-death experience.Many C2C sites have expanded and developed existing product categories by introducing category-specific bulletin boards and chat rooms, integrating category-specific content, advertising its service in targeted publications and participating in targeted trade shows.


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