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Although it is said she haunts the field on Honeycreek Road where she died, other witnesses have reported her in nearby Seidman Park, and in nearby Findlay Cemetery, where she is supposedly buried.This story was actually featured in the book "Ghosts of Grand Rapids." A little girl was killed suddenly while waiting for a school bus by a speeding car. The day of her funeral she started knocking on doors of the house she was born in.1 month later as her clothes were to be removed the doors in the home flew open with no reason.

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Some people have reported stopping to try to communicate with her, but she always disappears or runs into the woods where she cannot be followed (due to the thick brambles that inhabit the area).

She is said to dress in a long white gown which authorities say dates her to the turn of the 20th century.

Last attempt to hang picture (it was a drawing on a piece of paper and simply taped to the wall) resulted in us waking up the next morning to find it taped to the ceiling over my bed.

We finally moved a tall dresser in front of it and that seemed to take care of it.

He will not allow you to talk to his wife or son; as if he was protecting them .

There are other people living in the area now, and a large streetlight has been placed there by the people who own the neighboring land.If you stay there to long, they will call the police.However if you make your visit short enough they will usually leave you to it.It is said she was a sister there who died in a car accident.Current sisters there have reported hearing giggling and running around coming from the upstairs floor while they are in the basement.Cold spots now can be felt & knocking at the door is still present to this day in the home.


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