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It was the first time Dr Lobo had seen mention of the gene outside of her work.

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They found that they could trigger depression in mice, or make the mice more resilient, simply by altering the levels of this gene's expression in their brain.

Researchers at the University of Maryland analyzed the brains of mice and people with depression who committed suicide.

Scientists have discovered a gene in the brain's reward center that could trigger depression - and could be treated.

Depression affects more than 300 million people a year worldwide, a figure that is steadily climbing.

Derived from the 1951 300 saloon, the 300SL’s driveline, suspension and in particular its high-mounted, rear swing axles were all designed for comfort rather than stability at speed.

That rear suspension imposed a high rear roll centre and encouraged large camber and toe-in changes according to the wheel travel.

How New York dealer Max Hoffman emplored the factory to build a road version and put up the funds for the first 500 cars, and how the 300SL, born out of pragmatism and desire, became an icon.

Yet despite the hype, in the darkest tones, these articles all reference the gullwing’s sting in the tail, its handling.

Looking at their brain scans, they saw these smaller mice had experienced a decrease in levels of Slc6a15 in their brain's reward center.

However, when the researchers chemically increased levels of the gene, these mice became more resilient and less depressed.

The problem was fixed for the later roadster versions of the 300SL, but quite how Rudi Uhlenhaut, Mercedes-Benz’s legendary engineer/chief designer allowed his gorgeous car to be offered to the public with such a flaw is understandable, if not altogether excusable. Since the boom in classic car prices, gullwing values have gone nuclear.

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