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We may monopolise the board, create the strongest character, win countless victories and collect all the treasure - but as soon as the game is finished, all those treasures and victories are meaningless. What we monopolise in this life will not help us in the afterlife.

We may accumulate much wealth, we may win prestigious awards and achieve great things while we live, but when we die these things instantly become meaningless.

The truth is, with all his riches and power; he cannot buy privacy or peace of mind.

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Secondly, it will be decided by the various Christian assignments we completed in life.

The results will reflect on how attentive we were in class (our understanding of God’s Word).

If we skipped class and failed to complete our assignments, we can’t expect to receive good marks (rewards).

On final graduation from life (through death), when we stand before God’s throne for our report, we will wish to hear the Supreme Principal of the Universe say: ‘Graduated from the School of Life – WITH HONOURS.’ (Matthew )We assume it is good to be a King.

If we have believed in the Lord Jesus Christ we immediately get a pass (to Heaven).

If we fail to believe in Christ and reject God’s gift of salvation, sadly our eternity will be Hell.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Free Christian illustrations from daily life that can be used in sermons and religious education – without charge or obligation.

These illustrations may be downloaded, copied or distributed without permission as long as no cost is charged and source is recognized.

While alive, we are in attendance - but being present doesn’t mean we are paying attention.

As with any school, our choices determine whether we pass or fail.

The truth is: For every action - there is a reaction.


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