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Spinoza used the phrase, Logically there is no difference between atheism and pantheism.

To deny that there is a God and to apply the name God to everything is conceptually identical.

Atheists are people who assert that there is no God to study.

Their lives are essentially no different from the lives of atheists and agnostics. But do all these technical terms, and more to come, have anything to do with prayer and ‘heart-felt’ religion?

Doesn’t Christianity consist in singing gospel choruses to rock music and electric guitars?

Table of Contents Introduction See these links for others chapters: Chapter 1 – The Scriptures Chapter 2 – God Chapter 4 – Creation Chapter 7 – Salvation Chapter 9 – Eschatology *Note: chapters 3, 5, 6, and 8 have previously been published as stand-alone volumes.* Theology is sometimes held in contempt. But before anyone can properly adjudge it as good or evil, he must know what the word theology means..

Even devout Christians, who should be its friends, may dismiss is as hair-splitting; and some of them contrast dead orthodoxy with pulsating Christian life. Some people are afraid of long words; but not everyone. One of their longest is Constantinopolitanischerdudelsachspfeiffenmachergesellschaft. It means a firm in Constantinople that manufactures bagpipes.

But they might as well not believe in God for all the good it does them.

Unless someone mentions God to them, they never think of him; they never pray to him; he does not enter into their daily plans and calculations.In Christian language, and in common languages around the world, God is different from the universe as a cat is from a giraffe, and more so.. Probably most people in the United States today are atheists of a sort.They do not assert that there is a God; nor do they assert that there is no God; they simply say they do not know. Ignorance, however, is not a theory that one has to argue about. An ignorant person is not required to prove by learned arguments that he is ignorant. If you should ask them, they might say they believe in God.They indeed assert the existence of God and their theories can properly be called theology.They do not want to be known as atheists or as irreligious, but they define God as all that exists.Strictly speaking, it was not theology; it was the psychology of religious experience.

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