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La Marre has now taken the beef to court, filing a lawsuit Monday accusing Fox of libel, slander, and contract interference.“La Marre conceived the idea of a live all black male revue,” the suit states.

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Fox hosted a Lifetime reality show about male dancers, entitled “Vivica’s Black Magic.” The show ran into trouble when Fox, in a promotional interview, seemed to indicate that it was not intended for gay men.

The show’s executive producer, Jean-Claude La Marre, distanced himself from her, declaring that “all are welcome.” The incident caused a bitter split between them, and the two then launched rival touring shows based on the TV series.

6, 2017, when Fox appeared on the Breakfast Club, a morning radio show in New York.

When asked if the dancers would perform for gay men, Fox said “Hell no.” “There’s no need to,” she said. It’s called ‘the ultimate girls’ night out’ for a reason.” The comments were seen as homophobic, and La Marre apologized to TMZ on Fox’s behalf, calling the comments “out of order.” Fox later said on Instagram that she did not intend to offend anyone, but “I’m woman enough to apologize if you felt that way.” According to La Marre, Fox was angry at him and retaliated against him by launching her own traveling dance show, “Xplicit Minds.” She also recruited four dancers from the TV show, getting them to defect from La Marre’s “Black Magic Live.” La Marre alleges that she also called and threatened those who stayed loyal to him, telling them they had to pick a side and if they went with La Marre, they would not be included in the second season of the TV show.

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The problem was that the movie relied too heavily on Shante's in-your-face-dialogue. Of course women play games, but the lengths Shante went to just to teach Keith a lesson wasn't realistic.

And is it just me or was practically everybody from The Brothers in this movie? Good note - Monique was hilarious in her role as she should be.

“Because there’s a competition factor that happens when you meet someone who’s in the same business.

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