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The tower was eventually passed over to the Irish Post Office and eventually purchased by Fingal County Council who agreed to appeals from The Howth Heritage Society to have the tower restored on condition that the new facility would be made available to the Public for a museum, exhibitions, etc.

Almost immediately, a renowned collector of vintage radios and gramophones in Dublin, Pat Herbert offered his large collection to be housed at the tower and his offer was accepted and has resulted in the present status of the tower being a Vintage Radio Museum and open to visitors.

Joseph Portlock left a record of the elevation of polar stars of Howth measured by theodolite, a part of the work he did in measuring the trigonometrical skeleton of Ireland and in fixing geographical co-ordinates for latitude and longitude.

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Howth Martello Tower is now a Vintage Radio Museum, the entrance to the tower is opposite The Abbey Tavern, in Abbey Street, Howth near the East Pier..

The Sutton tower is the only tower north of Dublin that would have visual contact with the towers across Dublin Bay on the south side of Dublin.

starting at Red Rock Sutton Creek on the Dublin side of the Howth peninsula.

All twelve towers constructed remain standing but only the tower at Howth harbour is open for viewing, being recently restored and now a Vintage Radio Museum.

The extent and result of the work carried out on the tower can be seen on the website progress of the work from beginning to completion can also be followed on the website of the Builders at see Projects listings on website.).

The remains of a structure on Howth summit is being investigated as the possible ruins of a signal tower that served as a semaphore communications link between the two Howth towers.

The Howth tower is the only North Dublin tower that was restored by Fingal County Council , it is now a Vintage Radio Museum and open to the public.

The historical records of the period circa 1910 include several Valentine collection photographs of the Balbriggan Martello tower in excellent condition.

The historic association of the Howth tower with wireless telegraphy also continues in that local radio amateurs use the tower as their base Station and using the call-sign EI0MAR transmit from the tower making contacts with other amateur radio stations worldwide using voice and the morse code which is a unique experience for visitors, especially those that never before saw or heard morse code system in use.

The site of the Howth Martello Tower was used as a trigonometrical station in the mid 1830’s during the early years of the ordnance survey.

Only four of the seven towers in private ownership are occupied (Sutton, Portmarnock, Malahide, Portrane) .


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