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Or once she's finished, you could ask if dolly wants to help wash her hair in return. Let her wash your hair and make funny shapes when it's foamy.

Now's your chance to find out what you'd look like with a mohawk, or as a unicorn!

Problem-solve together Instead of focusing on whether or not to wash your toddler's hair, think about how to wash it.

If she's old enough, you can ask her what bothers her most.

Fortunately, we have plenty of ideas to keep your bathroom from becoming a battleground when it's time to tame those toddler tresses.

Almost all toddlers go through a stage of not wanting to have their hair washed.

About 20 days ago, Bikshapathi and the teenager met at Swathi Hotel near Secunderabad railway station and went to his sister's house at Jagathgirigutta.

Later, they went to Prashant theatre in Secunderabad to watch 'Padmaavat' movie.Once she's had her fun, she may realise that it's no big deal when you want to put the bubbles in her hair.Distract her Distract your toddler with noisy hair-washing songs or by giving her foam bath shapes to stick on the tiles.Putting a funny picture or mobile on the ceiling above the bath makes a fun distraction too.It also encourages her to look up, making it less likely that the water and shampoo will drip into her eyes.Make it fun Put a plastic mirror at the end of the bath and help your little one to make shapes with her shampoo-covered hair.


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