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Once it has been decided that a systematic review will be conducted, this may be the time to identify potential journals which may be the most relevant.Journal editors will judge a systematic review based upon various parameters, including how it may add value to the scientific knowledge base, change clinical practice, fit within the journals’ mission and whether it complies with a particular standard such as PRISMA or from the National Academy of Medicine.Systematic reviews are an approach used by public health agencies such as the World Health Organization to understand how treatments are effective and a way to approach to disease control.

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Conclusion PLUS included 21.1% of trials used to drive a change in conclusion in 92 Cochrane reviews.

Furthermore, the CQ filters performed admirably in the retrieval of articles not found in PLUS.

Further, using Clinical Query (CQ) filters on Pub Med, we identified the references not found in PLUS.

Results Eight hundred fifty-four unique trials, reported in over 1498 references were used to drive a change in conclusion in the 92 included reviews.

It is critical that such reviews are updated rapidly as new scientific information becomes available, so the best evidence is used for the best advice.

However, the current peer-reviewed journal based approach to publishing systematic reviews means that reviews can rapidly become out of date and updating is often delayed by the publication model.

Of the 854 unique trials, 180 (21.1%) were found in the PLUS database.

All of the newly added trials were in PLUS for 8 of 92 reviews, and none of the newly added trials were in PLUS for 26 of 92 reviews.

A systematic review attempts to collate all empirical evidence that fits pre-specified eligibility criteria in order to answer a specific research question.

It uses explicit, systematic methods that are selected with a view to minimizing bias, thus providing more reliable findings from which conclusions can be drawn and decisions made (Antman 1992, Oxman 1993).

PROSPERO: an international database of registered systematic reviews and protocols in health and social care Pub Med: Systematic review search: utilizing the Article types filter will limit to systematic reviews.​ Note: other types of reviews (e.g., literature review) may also be retrieved.


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