Dating a black taurus man

From being surrounded by the sublime beauty of a waterfall, to indulging in fine cuisine or being wrapped in a luxurious fleece blanket, Taurus enjoy their creature comforts and the beauty surrounding them.Don't worry; their luxurious taste won't make a hole in your wallet.

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Think less "You look awful in that dress," and more, "That dress isn't your best bet; you should try on something else."With a realistic eye, a Taurus sees the world for how it is.

Unlike air signs, Taurus don't have their heads up in the clouds.

You can't expect anything less from Taurus -- they're bull-headed, remember?

While they may not always be chatterboxes or the life of the party, Taurus are more than likely to be deemed the "strong and silent types."As much as they can keep their cool, they're not afraid to take action when need be.

Taurus appreciate the finer things just as much as the grandiose gestures.

A night in watching their favorite movies on Netflix with you and pizza, wrapped in a blanket, sounds like heaven to them.If someone is being a d-bag to their friend or loved one, they'll be the first to take action and stand up to the person.When it comes to expressing their own opinions, Taurus won't hold back from telling the truth, but will do so in a tactful way.Spring in full swing marks the arrival of the Taurus season. It's time to get out of hibernation mode and let the bulls run free.As an Earth sign ruled under the goddess of Venus, you'll be sure to get a dose of sensuality, stubbornness and, above all, realness.(We love them, anyway.)They think things through (to a point of almost suffering from analysis by paralysis), and come up with realistic goals and ways to achieve them.

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